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Shuvit Board Company, LLC

SURF ShuvIT Blem

SURF ShuvIT Blem

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The Blem will have a cosmetic issue that does not affect its performance.  Blem boards could be any color listed or even a new color.  If you do not care what color you get but want the awesome performance of the Surf ShuvIT then the Blem is for you.

Training/Fun Board designed to provide instant fun and training for board sports.  If you want to learn a 360, Big Spin, 360 Shuv, 180 Shuv, Shuvin-Shuvout, 540 Shuvit this board will allow you to practice on the grass, or carpet.   The board rotates using a high capacity bearing that feels almost frictionless.  The end of the board tilts to stop rotation when it touches the floor, and it is approximately 3 inches off the ground.  Rotational motion is stable and consistent.  It has a rubber band around its perimeter.  The base has carrying holes for those that want to move it around.   The top contains EVA decking material that provides comfort for your feet.

After experimenting with multiple sizes, it was apparent that one size fits most.  

Great for Wakesurfers, Skim Boarders, Flo Riders, Exercise enthusiasts, Wakeboarders, and more.  

Recommend also purchasing  The Board Stand, so that it can be stored nicely in any room. $79 (Raw Wood).

The Surf Shuvit board is Hand Made in the USA!

take this board and SHUVIT!




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